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Disabled Students

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia has a team that provides accompaniment, implements strategies and makes the necessary adjustments so that the applicant can take the admission test in more appropriate conditions.

Information for Users of Colombian Sign Language (Video)

Once completed payment and formalization process of the inscription described in the Step-by-Step Guide, you must present the following documentation at Calle 44 No. 45-67, Camilo Torres Bloque B3, on the dates established for the registration process:

  • Medical certificate stating your limitation: This medical certificate must be issued by the EPS to which you are affiliated. If that is not the case, the certificate must be issued by a doctor registered with the Secretary of Health of your city.

  • Survey format for applicants with a disability: This is a fundamental requirement, since it provides information related to their specific needs and will be used by the team to guarantee the best conditions during the admission test.

  • Photocopy of your ID

In case of not receiving the mentioned documentation within the dates established for the registration process, the National Admissions Office will understand that you do not require any type of support or special support.

For additional information about the admission process, contact (57 1) 403 33 36 in Bogotá, for the rest of the country, the toll-free number 01 8000 116 263, from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm, during the registration process. You can also contact